MicroNeedling – Healing damaged skin

Reasons to consider Microneedling

  • Any inflammatory reaction usually resolves the day after treatment.
  • There is a reduced incidence of keloid (over scaring) creation
  • Lightens sunspots
  • Scar repair from acne and burns. [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6]
  • Supports hair re-growth, especially if when added to drug therapy such as Rogaine / Minoxidil.[7],[8],[9]
  • Creates tighter, firmer, more radiant skin

Reduced Acne Scaring.

Hair re-growth. 40 year old man who was not satisfied with conventional treatment. Images below follow progress with addition of Microneedling at 1 month (a), 3 months (b), and 6 months (c).

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