Starting September 6: Fruitland will be open Monday and Tuesdays only.

Telehealth: Monday and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays

In-Office, In-Person visits: Fruitland, Idaho office. Currently limited to Fruitland Office, Monday and Tuesday.

All Hours: Mondays-Thursday   9:30 am – 1 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm. 

We are closed on most major holidays.

To help reduce the spread of Covid-19, we are offering HIPPA compliant Telehealth Video appointments for new and follow up visits.

Telehealth video visits are easy to use and allow you to connect with Dr. Rodgers in a safe environment. You will get the same level of in-depth, professional, and compassionate support as an in-office visit. If a physical exam is required, Dr. Rodgers will refer you to an appropriate in-office provider.

Telehealth visits require patients to have access to a video feed through their phone, tablet or computer. if you do not have this access, phone appointments will be considered.

Monday-Tuesday: Fruitland, Idaho Office for In-Person and Tele-Health Appointments. Click here.

Wednesday-Thursday: Request a Tele-Health appointment Click here

Phone: 208-275-0007     Fax: 208-514-4563

First Visit

  • If you are unable to utilize the electronic medical records, please inform us so that we can provide those forms for you.
  • Please provide any recent or relevant lab work prior to your appointment.
  • Please have your current supplements and medications at hand in their original bottles with you for your initial visit.