To help reduce the spread of Covid-19, we are offering HIPPA compliant Telehealth video appointments for new and follow up visits.

Telehealth telephone appointments are available for established patients only.

Telehealth visits require patients to have access to a video feed through their phone, tablet or computer. if you do not have this access, phone appointments will be considered.

Book On-line for Phone or Tele-health Appointment

Boise Monday-Thursday: Click here.

Ontario Monday – Thursday:  Click here.

Idaho: Telehealth appointments only.

Oregon: Telehealth appointments only.  1008 SW 4th Avenue, Ontario, OR 97914

Phone: 208-275-0007     Fax: 208-514-4563

Office Hours

Mondays-Thursday   9:30 am – 1 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm

We are closed on most major holidays.

Make an Appointment – Phone 208-275-0007

First Visit

  • If you are unable to utilize the electronic medical records, please inform us so that we can provide those forms for you.
  • Please provide any recent or relevant lab work prior to your appointment.
  • Please have your current supplements and medications in their original bottles with you at your initial visit.

Fragrance Free Policy

For in-office visits: Please refrain from wearing perfume, aftershave, cologne, lotion, deodorant, hair spray or any other fragranced product which may perceptible to others. We thank you for this consideration of our staff and patients’ health.