Dr. Sara Rodgers, Licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor / Naturopathic Physician

Serving Idaho and Oregon’s Treasure Valley

Located in Payette, Idaho

In-Person and Tele-Health services

Idaho Naturopathic Medicine provides an individualized, functional, and holistic approach for each patient.


Whole person medicine utilizing a large tool box:

  • MicroNeedling is now offered! Click HERE to read more about MicroNeedling.
  • Acupuncture
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutrition
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Targeted Nutritional Therapy
  • Hormone Balancing

Every person is an individual and should be treated as such.  Your story is just as important as a physical exam and laboratory assessment to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.  Dr. Sara Rodgers recognizes your individuality and treats each patient as a whole person.

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What Patients are Saying about Dr. Rodgers

When I first met Sara, I went from doctor to doctor to doctor who looked at my symptoms and wanted to put a band-aid on them. Sara looked at me as a whole and gave me my life back!

I have seen 3 naturopaths. Dr Rodgers is hands down the most competent, educated, trained, and simply helpful one I’ve seen. I was first referred to her by my physician who said she was the best person for heavy metals detox and I’m so glad!

Overall, Dr. Rodgers is one of the best in Idaho. She is very knowledgeable, very thorough, and I can tell that she strives to give everyone the best of herself, and I just love that!

We get a lot out of the emails she sends and really appreciate the knowledge she sends.

She gave me information to read to change my diet and way of life. She was patient and didn’t hurry through appointments.

Dr. Rodgers has provided wonderful care for my children and myself.

Very smart and detailed!

We trust Dr. Rodgers to provide up-to-date information regarding our health care.

Dr Rogers pays very close attention to me as a unique individual and designs treatment programs to address my specific needs. I feel seen and heard.

Snake River, ID, OR