Payment is expected at time of visitwild floweres

Payment options: cash, check, credit cards Visa/MasterCard


Most insurance companies in Idaho do not reimburse for naturopathic care.  Some do in Oregon. Contact your insurance company prior to the visit to determine if you can seek reimbursement.  Regardless of insurance coverage, full payment is expected at the time of visit. You will be given a form with insurance codes for your condition to facilitate reimbursement.    Some lab work may be reimbursed, such as common blood tests, but many specialty labs may not qualify for reimbursement.


New Patient Visits

  • Initial, New Patient visit.  2 hours long.  Cost $220
  • Initial New Patient, Acute visits.  1 hour long:  Cost:  $150
  • Initial child visits are 1 hour long:  Cost:  $150. Dr. Rodgers does not see children less than 2 years old.
  • Follow-up visits. Please note that follow-up visits conducted by phone are charged at the same price as in-office visits.

Follow Up Visits – Established Patients

  • First follow-up, extended visits are usually 60 minutes: Cost $105
  • 45-minute intermediate visit: $95.
  • 30-minute limited visit: $80
  • 20-minute brief visit: $50
  • 10 minute brief visit: $25

Re-establishing Care

  • Patients who wish to re-establish care after 2+-year absence: $190

Acupuncture (Idaho Only). Cost $100 for initial visits and $85 for follow-up visits.

Transformations 360 Weight Loss Program.  $458 Includes all materials, protein powder snacks, one initial 45-minute visit, and four weigh-in/counseling visits. For those wanting to continue after the initial 5 weeks, weigh-in visits are $25. A pay-as-you-go-option is available.

Missed Appointment Fees

  • A 24-hours notice is required for cancellation.
  • Cancellations provided  less than 24 hours prior to scheduled visits will be charged  $150 for new patient visits and $60 for follow up visits.  Not providing notice for cancellations will also incur charge for full price of visit.
  • Please call or text 208-275-0007 to cancel.