Suggested Websites

World’s Healthiest Foods

George Mateljan helps you cook with easy ideas for healthy foods.  Sign up for his free healthy newsletter.

Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group has done an amazing job providing the public with information about:
•    Safety or dangers of of cosmetics/personal care products Skin Deep Database    
•    Safety or dangers of sun screen
•    Pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables. Use the to choose the least toxic fruits and vegetables.  
•    Safe drinking water
•    Farm subsidies
•    Studies which demonstrate the transfer of toxins to children

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Learn the importance for choosing safe personal care products for yourself and your family.

Score Card

This website provides in-depth pollution information for counties throughout the United States.  Ever wonder how much air pollution you are or were exposed to? This web site gives you that information.

Environmental Health Perspectives

Environmental Health Perspectives online is a free monthly peer-reviewed research journal published by National Institutes of Health.  It concentrates on the relationship between health and the environment.