Acupuncture is part of an ancient healing tradition going back over 2000 years. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a modern form of this ancient tradition and includes the use of acupuncture needles, maintaining a balanced lifestyle and eating a healthy diet.

Acupuncture works with the energy flow of the body. It may be used to treat numerous ailments including anxiety, insomnia, pain, menstrual irregularities, sinusitis, addiction, neurological conditions, cancer treatment side effects, and more.

Needle phobia? No need to worry.  Acupuncture needles are small, thin, sterile, and regulated by the FDA. They are inserted into specific areas on the body according to the condition being treated.  Most people may feel nothing or an initial mild sensation with the insertion of the needles.   Most people feel relaxed and more balanced after an acupuncture session.

Dr. Rodgers provides acupuncture in Idaho where she holds a license.