Its cold and flu season- don’t participate!

It is very apparent that the cold, flu and Covid season is upon us.  Here are 5 tips to staying healthy and what to do if you get sick.  For those who have read many of my older articles, you may find the links below a reminder of what to do.

Wet Sock Therapy. This simple technique works to improve the immune system as a preventative and treatment. Read instructions HERE.

If you get sick, see what Viral Fighting products Dr. Rodgers suggests.  See my handout HERE  (includes the Wet Sock protocol)

We all hate them, including me, BUT wearing a Mask over the mouth and nose may reduce inhalation of air droplets carrying viruses. Personally, I am grateful for a mask when the stranger next to me in the grocery store sneezes or coughs.

Washing hands frequently and avoiding touching your face also reduces transmission of viruses.

Air purification.  Ultra HEPA air purifyers trap viruses and other particles. Choose a product that has replaceable pre-filters, HEPA or Ultra Hepa filters, and filter to remove noxious gases.  Avoid products that produce ozone or other ions.

Lastly, if you have a naturopathic appointment, but are not feeling well, consider a Telehealth visit instead. Telehealth hours have been extended during December and January.