Covid-19 Testing. Updated 3/18/2020

Testing is important for those who have been exposed to the virus. Unfortunately, at the time of this newsletter, there is no local or state coordinated testing program. If the virus continues to spread, the criteria and opportunities for testing and testing may change.

Dr. Rodgers does not provide Covid-19 testing.

Current guidelines provide testing only for those have a fever, cough, sinus discharge, body aches, shortness of breath AND had known contact with a Covid-19 patient or traveled in affected geographic areas, OR severe respiratory distress without a known source of exposure.

If you meet these criteria:

If you HAVE a primary care medical provider: CALL your provider and ask if they provide testing.

IF you DO NOT have a primary care medical provider: Primary Health urgent care centers and many St. Luke’s and St.Alphonsus urgent care facilities are providing testing. You need to CALL a facility near you to determine if testing is available on a walk-in basis.

Testing is important to determine if one needs to socially isolate or quarantine to reduce transmission of Covid-19. Even if most people experience only mild symptoms, the risk of transmission is for those who may experience life-threatening symptoms.