Suggested Reading: Childhood

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics  Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies   
By Kenneth Bock, MD and Cameron Stauth

“This book details why these four childhood diseases are related, what parents can do to start finding causes of inflammation, how changing diet and providing specific nutrients may help reduce symptoms, and why reducing the toxic load of children is imperative. It is required reading for any parent of an autistic child.”

Chemical-Free Kids  How to Safeguard Your Child’s Diet and Environment
By Allan Magaziner, DO and Linda Bonview, and Anthony Zolezzi

“This book guides you to making safer, less toxic choices for you and your family.”

Slow Death by Rubber Duck The Secrete Danger of Everyday Things
By Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie

“Just in case you are not convinced of the toxic effects of everyday products, this book may help convince you to be a savvy consumer.”

The Age of Autism
By Dan Olmstead and Mark Blaxill

“This book is an interesting read about the historical use of mercury to ‘cure’ disease, but instead has created serious neurological diseases.”