Back to School – Nutrients to Stay Smart and Healthy

As kids go back to school, routines and stressors change. What shouldn’t change is a healthy diet when your child is in school. Providing healthy food is one way to help your child succeed in school.

Here are some ideas for fun and healthy foods.

  • Berries are tasty and deliver healthy nutrients that act as antioxidants. Choose organic berries as much as possible. Raspberry, blue berries, black berries, strawberries.
  • Protein. Protein at every meal balances blood sugars and helps to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Nuts, nut butters, meat jerkies, hard boiled eggs, edamame (soy beans), or dinner left overs are easily brought in a lunch box.
  • Bento Boxes are known as Japanese boxed meals. For children, Bento boxes make lunch fun. Even fruits and vegetables become fun to eat. For simple bento box ideas, click here.
  • Incorporate children in the food making process. For a fun video about how school children experience lunch in japan, click here.
  • For kids who choose not to eat their fruits and vegetables, a fruit/vegetable drink may be helpful. For suggestions for quality vegetable drinks and other supplements to keep your child healthy, see below.

For people who don’t want to eat their vegetables, consider the following:

Multivitamins provide all necessary vitamins and minerals.

Probiotics and fish oil keep us healthy and smart.