What is Detox?

As a naturopathic student and resident, Dr. Rodgers was privileged to learn from one of the best detox physicians in the country: Dr. Walter Crinnion, ND.  Dr. Crinnion taught that there are 5 Steps to detoxification: 

  1. Avoid
  2. Avoid
  3. Avoid
  4. Supplementation
  5. Depuration

Avoid refers to avoiding getting exposed to and filled up with toxins from air, water, food, or personal care products. This also includes avoiding the light, noise, and electromagnetic frequency (EMFs) disturbances that emanate from devices such as smart phones, pads, TV’s, etc.

Supplementation refers to targeted nutrients and herbs that support metabolic detoxification pathways.

Depuration is the process of removing toxins from the body.

In reality, we cannot avoid all toxins. Fragrance, forest fire smoke, wireless technology, and volatile organic substances (VOC’s) in our homes, offices, automobiles, clothes, cleaning products, etc., are unavoidable all the time, but there are some habits that can reduce exposure.   

  1. Be aware and be proactive. Start by creating non toxic home, work, and hopefully school spaces.  See HERE for some simple ideas; be sure to follow the links in the original article.
  2. Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is an amazing compound, one unfortunately we humans do not synthesize in our bodies. (Dogs, cats, goats all make vitamin C, but we humans, Guinea pigs, some monkeys, and some bats lack the enzyme to manufacture Vitamin C). Vitamin C is water soluble, so we need to take this daily. 
  3. Make sure you are able to detox .  Do activities that cause you to perspire regularly. Make sure you are having a bowel movement (yes, its pooping) at least once daily. If you are not able to perspire or poop regularly, please consult with your health provider to help fix these issues.
  4. Exercise. Exercise helps move blood throughout the body and increases metabolism. 
  5. Learn how to reduce Electromagnetic Frequency pollution we get from our smart devices, wi-fi, and potentially our electric vehicles. Click HERE to download a free guide developed by Cathy Cooke, building biologist, of Whole Home and Body Health on the  Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your EMF exposure. Take this seriously.
  6. Consider a regular cleanse.  We are all exposed to environmental toxins daily. Some people are more susceptible to toxins, but it is hard to determine how much daily exposure affects any of us as we age and become more susceptible to chronic disease. Active cleansing 1-4 times yearly helps invigorate our detox enzymes, support our gastrointestinal bacteria, and reduces our toxic burden.

Dr. Rodgers is a detoxification specialist and can guide you in reducing your toxic body burden.  Besides providing targeted nutritional supplementation to support detoxification, Dr. Rodgers utilizes laboratory analysis that help to identify toxic burdens of inflammatory gut pathogens, pesticides and/or toxic metals.