There are many benefits to achieving healthy weight loss, including:grapes

  • Reduction of toxic abdominal fat.
  • Improved energy levels.
  • Reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, dementia, and other inflammatory-related diseases.

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Transformations: A Healthy Weight Loss program.

Achieve your weight goals while reducing your toxic body burden.

Dr. Rodgers utilizes a weight loss program that helps patients learn portion sizes, meal plan, and to plan for maintaining the weight loss after achieving their weight goals.

3 Weight Loss Case Studies.

Hormone and nutritional deficiencies are evaluated

The program requires weekly weigh-ins and review of diet diaries.

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Body Image verses Body Health.

There is a national movement to address negative body image issues regarding obesity. Idaho Naturopathic Medicine completely agrees that regardless of what we look like, we are all beautiful. Beauty is not related to the amount of fat we carry on our bodies nor is it related to how much we weigh.

HOWEVER, FAT = INFLAMMATION and it is our job at Idaho Naturopathic medicine to promote and educate our patients about health.

From a medical standpoint, excess abdominal fat increases the chances of inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and dementia.

  • Toxic fat cells trigger inflammatory reactions. 
  • Chemicals exert toxic and inflammatory effects throughout the body. 
  • Reducing excess fat reduces the storage area for toxic chemicals.

If weight loss is desired or needed for health issues, please consider the Transformations weight loss program.