Your DNA determines your hair color and eye color, but lifestyle choices such as exercise, diet, sleep, nutrient intake, and toxin exposures may influence your genes more than you know.

The methylation cycle is a series of linked biochemical cycles that transfers methyl (CH3) groups to create the compounds necessary to manufacture and transcribe DNA/RNA, to manufacture neurotransmitters, and contribute to the formation of anti-oxidants. The DNA that code for the enzymes used in these interlocking cycles is thus very important. Changes to the DNA may be one explanation for chemical sensitivity, mood disorders, learning difficulties, or the lack of growth.

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A DNA methylation analysis may help guide you in lifestyle choices to help with mood imbalances, energy, cancer risk, and toxin clearance.

It is important to understand that the methylation cycle is a dynamic process with numerous factors contributing to speeding up and slowing down this important cycle. Many current tests on the market only evaluate for a few markers within the methylation cycle.

Dr. Rodgers utilizes the gene analysis from to look at the many genes contributing to the methylation cycle as well as the detoxification systems and more.

Dr. Rodgers provides an analysis providing lifestyle, diet, supplement, and medication choices based on DNA. This analysis is provided to established patients only since methylation analysis must be evaluated based on an individual’s current health and past medical history.

Laboratory suggestions to confirm the function of the methylation cycle and nutritional needs are also offered.

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Dr. Rodgers is not a geneticist. For licensed medical geneticists, click here.

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