Diabetes is a complicated disease that affects more and more Americans.  If left unmanaged, diabetics suffer increased risk of amputations, kidney failure, loss of sight, chronic infections, cancer, dementia, and earlier mortality.

The good news is that with correct management, diabetics can live long, healthy lives without crippling and expensive side effects.

Dr. Rodgers works closely with each patient as they implement healthy diabetic diets and nutritional support.

As patients learn how foods lifestyle factors, and targeted nutrition affect high and low blood sugars, they can then make informed, life-long choices to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and imagine a future free from dialysis, loss of eyesight, the threat of amputation or heart attacks.

The diabetic support program includes diabetic diet plans, exercise plans, professional-grade supplements, and regular blood work.

In 3 weeks this patient lost 10 pounds and reduced blood sugars to normal levels.

Dr. Rodgers does not prescribe medications in Idaho.  All diabetes patients are required to maintain regular visits with their prescribing physicians.