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Toxic Metals – Could they be why you are sick?

Toxic metals are ubiquitous – they are in ‘silver’ tooth fillings (mercury), Venetian blinds and Christmas light cords (lead), children’s toys/jewelry (cadmium/lead), food (mercury, arsenic, cadmium), tobacco (arsenic, cadmium, thallium) and some drinking water (arsenic). These metals and others can accumulate in the body and exert toxic effects while using up valuable antioxidants. Some of the symptoms and diseases associated with toxic metals include: Continue reading

Toxic Beauty, the Ugly Truth Behind Beauty Products

Most people recognize beauty in the signs of health: glowing skin, glossy full hair, a vibrant gleam in the eye. The whole point of cosmetic products such as moisturizer, mascara, facial cleanser, nail polish, lip stick, shampoo, styling gels, etc. is to enhance the beauty that is already there. What if these products were robbing you of health? Could they still be considered ‘beauty products’? What if you knew that these enhancements could injure your health or the health of your unborn children? Continue reading

Choosing a Good Multivitamin

This article is not intended to tell you what vitamins to specifically buy, but rather how to make an informed decision. You are making a financial choice in your vitamin purchase; choosing the highest quality vitamin makes your purchase worthwhile.

While good supplements are available at vitamin stores, it can be overwhelming even for the most knowledgeable consumer to know what to choose. The supplements available at Idaho Naturopathic Medicine are professional grade, hypoallergenic, and easily absorbed. Continue reading